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Invoice Recipients

Learn how TO, CC, and BCC fields are filled.

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Sending out invoices and filling in emails can sometimes be troublesome or seem like a lot of work - that is why have decided to make this process easier and more intuitive.

Adding Emails to Document templates

To speed up the process, you can assign default emails that will automatically be listed in TO, CC, and BCC fields.

Go to Settings - Document templates and select the template you want to edit.

Here I will select my Mars Invoice template and add the following emails to be pre-filled from this point forward when sending out invoices via email.

After an invoice has been created (make sure to select the correct template and subsidiary, if applicable), upon clicking on Send Invoice via Email, both these addresses will be pre-filled

Fill recipients

By clicking on the Fill recipients link, TO, CC, and BCC fields will be populated with addresses from the previous email for a particular client.

In other words, the email list will not automatically be pulled from the list of emails specified in the document templates settings.

Dropdown menus

If neither of the solutions above meets your needs, you can always remove all emails and use Dropdown menus to select from available emails.

In each of the email address fields, you will be able to select from:

  1. Company emails entered for that company in company info

  2. All emails associated with people who are a part of that company

πŸ’‘ For trial organizations, note that you will only see your own email listed in the recipient field and you will not be able to include additional recipients, as per our security process.

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