The feature is stable, but as it's still in development, some parts may not be completely polished.

If you encounter a bug or have any suggestions, please contact us via in-app chat.

Streamline and organize your tasks using the Timeline view available from the Layout dropdown in Project > Tasks and the global Tasks menu.
Only the tasks with a due date will be shown in this view, while others will be listed in the Unscheduled menu on the far right.

Adding a new task

To add a new task, click on the Timeline view under the column which will represent the task's start date, and drag it until its due date.

In this example, the task's bracket in the Timeline view ends on August 12th which is visible in the pop-up window. In that window, additional information can be entered for the task - its Title, description, the project, and task list it belongs to. Furthermore, you can also designate an assignee and upload an attachment:

Updating tasks

Tasks can be closed and opened in new tabs directly from the Timeline view. Click on a task's box for more options.

Rearranging and resizing tasks

Tasks will find their optimal way fitting in this view upon dragging and dropping them having Date as the main ordering factor. In other words, tasks with the earliest start date will be placed on top.
Also, if a task's date range is only 1 day long, its Title will be displayed outside of its box.

Using the drag-and-drop function you can move tasks around as well as expand and contract them to update start and due dates.
Note how the shadow remains as the task is dragged to another place to indicate its original position:

Unscheduled tasks

Tasks without a due date can be located in the Unscheduled list available on the far right.

You can Search for them as well as Group by Assignee, Task List, Status, or any custom field you have created.

Furthermore, you can drag-and-drop them into the Timeline view (but not the other way around).

Grouping tasks

Tasks can be grouped by Task list, Assignee, Status, as well as any Custom field you have set up.
In the global tasks view only the Global Tasks Custom Fields will be visible whereas in Project Tasks all project and global task custom fields will be available.

Task grouping is also available under Unscheduled tasks:

Coloring tasks

You can also color tasks by either Project color or Custom fields.
Here is an example of a custom field coloring where tasks will be colored based on their Priority:

Check out the following article to see how to assign priorities to tasks and choose colors for priority categories:
Assign priorities to tasks using custom fields

Navigation and zoom levels

In addition to scrolling, you can navigate the view by using the navigation markers located at the bottom and the far right.

The Today button will bring you back to today's date and the magnify icons will either zoom in or zoom out the view.

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