Custom Fields allow you to add your own attributes and then filter and sort the tasks that have those attributes applied to them. As Custom Fields used on Tasks are project-specific, you can create individual custom fields for each project.

Using Task Custom Fields Library, you can create a directory of task Custom Fields that can be used on all projects in Productive, including global Tasks view in the main navigation.

Task Custom Fields Library can be accessed from Settings - Custom fields.

There are two ways of adding Task Custom Fields to the Library:

  • Create new Custom Field

  • Add an existing Custom Field

To create a new Custom Field, simply go to any project of your choice and select Manage Task Custom Fields. When the popup appears, hit Create New:

Next, choose a category - but have in mind that only Dropdown type fields can be added to the library:

Create the options and select "Add to Library":

Alternatively, you can add an existing field to the Library - just go to any project of your choice, select Manage Task Custom Fields, select the one you want and as in the screenshot above, select Add To Library.

Once a Custom Field is added to the Library, you can then use it across all projects in Productive, by selecting Manage Task Custom Fields and Add From Library.

To differentiate it from project-specific fields, a Custom Field added from the Library will have its own designation:

In this example, a project has two project-specific task Custom Fields and one added from the Library.

How To Use

If a task Custom Field from the Library is added to the task, you can then filter and sort using that field on the global Tasks view:

Notice that filtering by the custom fields from the Library will show you all projects they're used on.

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