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Forecasting & Profitability Charts on Budgets
Forecasting & Profitability Charts on Budgets

Learn how to read profitability and forecasting charts in Productive

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Forecasting charts in Productive help you plan upfront so you can see if your project is going as planned.

To use the charts, first you'll have to add bookings to your teammates using Resourcing.

After you've booked people on upcoming projects, now go to the budget of your choice.


To enable the chart, go to the budget of your choice and select Show budgeting chart:

Tweak the data using the dropdown menus:

Let's explain what each bar or line means:

  • Billable Time: Time that can be billed to your client

  • Scheduled Time: Time allocated using bookings in Resourcing

  • Budget Total: Total budget for the project (the example above is fixed price)

  • Budget Used: Budget spent so far working on the project

Notice that the Budget Total and Budget Used lines are not solid lines at one point?

This is because they are showing forecasted future data, based on time added to Resourcing.

To get a more detailed overview of the forecasted data, you can click on any future point on the chart:

Now the data is labeled as Future - let's see on another example what will happen in late February, where the Budget used is forecasted to burn the total budget:

Switching to Week view, I can now see that the budget will be burned in the W10 of 2021:

Let's discuss profitability to see if the work is still profitable, even if the whole budget is used.

Profitability Chart

From the same menu, I can switch to see the Profitability chart:

It appears that the profit margin is 36%, meaning that I can go over the budget, but the project will remain profitable.

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