Project expenses can be added in two ways:

  1. Directly on the project - the project manager can add the expenses directly to the project's budget. More on that here.

  2. Via the Entry and Approval workflow - all employees can submit expenses for approval. Once approved, expenses will appear as a line item on the project's budget.

Expense Entry and Approval workflow

First off, the approval workflow is optional for your organization. You can toggle it on or off under Settings > Addons > Expenses Approval.

NOTE: Expense Approval must be turn on on a budget basis, meaning that the person responsible for the budget must turn on the approval for the budget in question:

How to submit an expense for approval?

Click on the Expenses module in the main navigation.

This will take you to My Expenses, where you can submit the expense.

Required fields:

  1. Select the Project

  2. Select the Budget

  3. Choose the appropriate Service, e.g. Travel, Print, Catering

  4. Add a Date and Expense cost

Optional fields:

  1. Note

  2. Attachment

  3. Request reimbursement

If the expense needs to be reimbursed, be sure to check the box Request reimbursement. You can also add an attachment that details the expense if necessary.

Hit Save and the person who needs to approve the expense will be notified. In Productive, this is the Project Manager. More precisely - the person responsible for the Project you're selecting in the first dropdown.

You can check the status of the expense at any time in My Expenses:

How is the expense approved?

The Project Manager will see the request in their Approvals screen:

At that point they can approve the expense, flagging it as Approved, or reject the expense with a note, flagging it as Rejected.

Now you can edit it...

... and set a date for the payment:

To see the complete list of the Expenses, go to Company expenses:

Using Filters and views, you can also check if there is an expense that needs reimbursement.

Service Type Categorisation

Some service types can be predefined to be used only as an expense or only as a service. If no category is defined, they can be used in both instances.

To set this up, go to Settings > Service Types, where you'll find a list of all your service types. Using the dropdown, you can define where the service will be used:

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