If you have offices worldwide, it is useful to know which public holidays and subsequently, non-working days there are in each country.

Productive does this automatically. When you create a new subsidiary, Productive will ask you to assign it to a country:

Now, go to Settings > Holidays and add a holiday calendar for that country. You can also manually change holidays (as laws change, or in some countries, not all holidays are observed on the same day every year):

When creating a new holiday calendar or when editing an existing one, you can enable or disable the automatic holiday generator. Just click on the toggle button at the bottom.

Enabling this switch, holidays from the calendar of the selected country will be generated on a monthly basis. If you delete some holidays from the list, they will be added in the next holiday autogenerate cycle.

Disabling the switch, the holiday calendar will be empty and you can add holidays manually. By disabling this switch on the existing calendar, before-created holidays will stay, but it will not generate new ones.

In Contacts > People, you can assign different holiday calendars to different people:

This is useful if you have teammates from different countries, and you can set those independently from the subsidiary.

For example, if you have a teammate that is remotely working in Canada but is employed in the US branch of the company, you can set their holiday calendar to observe Canadian holidays (and non-working days).

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