Go to Settings > Holidays. 


You will see a list of your Holidays here. They are pre-populated when you sign up, depending on your account locale. If you are based in the US, Productive will add all US Holidays automatically. 

Holidays will be taken into account when calculating capacity and will be visible to your teammates in Scheduling and Time tracking as non-working days. 

Time Off

To update Time Off categories and their settings, go to Settings > Time off

To update a Time Off category simply click on it, or select Add time off category to create a new one:

Name and icon

In addition to a category's name, you can also select an icon for it as well as a colour to easily distinguish it from other categories:

Additional settings

Type (limited / unlimited ) - a limited time off category means that people can only request time off up to a certain limit. The limit is defined on each person's profile page under the Time off tab.

Allocation (days / hours) - people can request time off in Time - Request time off menu in either full-day increments (1 day, 2 days, a week, etc.) or in hours (e.g. 4 hours in a day).

Paid / unpaid - if you mark your category as paid, any time off scheduled on it will be calculated into your internal costs.

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