Go to Settings > Holidays. 


You will see a list of your Holidays here. They are pre-populated when you sign up, depending on your account locale. If you are based in the US, Productive will add all US Holidays automatically. 

Holidays will be taken into account when calculating capacity and will be visible to your teammates in Scheduling and Time tracking as non-working days. 

Time off

You can add new events and mark them as either paid or unpaid. In both cases, scheduling people on events will track time for them automatically, during their absence. 

Go to Settings > Time off

The difference between paid and unpaid events is that the paid events will also apply the staff members' cost rate against the logged hours, while unpaid events won't. 

Additionally, events can be set up in hours in addition to days, for both unlimited and limited events.
Now when somebody in your organization needs to take a half-day off, you can simply set a new time off category and set it to Limited by hours.

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