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Archiving and Deleting a Time-off Category
Archiving and Deleting a Time-off Category

Learn how to archive, restore, or delete a time-off category or entitlement.

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Archiving or deleting time-off categories can be useful for various reasons, like reorganizing your time-off categories, simplifying your category list, or correcting any errors that may have occurred.

Archiving a category sets it aside without data loss while deleting moves both the category and its data to the Recycle bin. From the Recycle bin, you can choose to permanently delete or restore it.

How to archive a time-off category?

To archive a time-off category, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and click on the Time off card in the Time and resource management section.

  2. Start typing "Time off" in the search bar for easier navigation.

  3. Find the category you want to archive and select it.

What happens when you archive a time off category?

After archiving a time-off category, certain actions and functionalities will be affected:

  • In Resourcing, creating and editing time-off bookings for the archived category will no longer be possible. However, existing bookings can still be deleted, while actions like splitting, duplicating, and repeating the bookings are disabled.

  • Booking time off using the archived category will be disabled, and the category will no longer appear as an option when creating new time-off requests.

  • Existing booked and approved time off on archived categories will still be visible in the Time-off logs marked with a strike-through.

  • All pending time-off requests on the archived category will be canceled, however, nothing will change with the already approved/rejected/canceled bookings.

  • Adding entitlements (time-off categories) for the archived category will no longer be possible, meaning they cannot be added as time-off categories to anyone.

Can an archived time-off category be restored?

Yes, an archived time-off category can be restored. Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Time off and click on the "Show archived" button.

  2. Find the archived category you want to restore and click the restore icon.

What happens when an archived time-off category is restored?

Restoring an archived category brings it back into its default state. This means:

  • New time-off requests can be booked and requested using the restored category.

  • Entitlements for the category will also be restored and visible under the person’s Time-off tab.

How to delete a time off category?

A time-off category can be deleted only if it has been previously archived. Here's how:

  1. Find archived time-off categories under Settings > Time off > Show archived.

  2. Locate the category you want to delete and click "Delete".

What happens when you delete a time off category?

Deleting a time-off category permanently removes it from your system, along with any related items, and moves the time-off category to the Recycle bin:

  • Bookings made using the deleted category will no longer appear in Resourcing or on the Book time off screen.

  • Entitlements associated with the deleted category will not be shown under Time off in user profiles.

  • Booking and entitlement reports will not contain any information about the deleted time-off category.

  • The deleted time-off category will not be visible anywhere in Productive.

What can I do with a deleted time off category in the Recycle bin?

Once a time off category is in the Recycle bin, you can choose to either restore it or delete it permanently.

  • Restore: Restoring a time-off category will bring it back into its archived state, along with any associated bookings and entitlements.

    You'll be able to find it under archived time-off categories in Settings > Time off > Show archived.

    Note that, if you have any bookings or entitlements which you’ve deleted manually before deleting the time-off category, those items will still remain in the recycle bin as separate items.

  • Delete forever: Permanently deleting a time-off category removes it from the system entirely, along with any related items. This action cannot be undone, so use it with caution.

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