Every Budget in Productive comes with a date. The date does two things:

  1. Marks when the revenue of this budget will be reported. In the example above it's going to be June of 2019. 
  2. Signifies the date from which people can start tracking time on this Budget.

For example, the Budget above starts from Aug 21st. If you want to track time on it in June you will see the following message.

This doesn't mean that the budget doesn't exist. It's there, but the Budget date is set in the future. When something is in the future, you can't start working on it now (logical, right?). 

How to fix this?

Project managers
If you're the project manager simply go to the Budget and bring the Budget date back to Jun 5th. As soon as you do that, everyone will be able to track time. 

Staff members
You will need to contact your project manager to adjust the Budget date for you. 

Date range - Recurring budgets

If you're working on a recurring budget, it will have a date range. In the example above, the budget is active between Jul 16th and Aug 15th. This means that it's a monthly recurring budget. 

After Aug 15th a new budget will be created with a new date range that ends in September. 

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