Table Data Export

A lot of data in Productive is in table format. This allows you to export the data in PDF, CSV or XLSX.

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Exporting Data Tables

To export data tables in Productive, navigate to any data table view, such as CRM > Contacts, and locate the Export icon next to the filters at the top of the screen.

Available Export Options

The Export button is accessible across all data table views in Productive, including Financials > Invoices, Project Management > Tasks in the table view, and Time > Company Time in the table view.

Customization and Saving Views

Before exporting your data, ensure that the correct view is selected. You can customize and save views after making changes, ensuring consistent export formats with updated information.

Additional Export Options

Once you've selected your view and adjusted filters, fields, groups, and sorting options, you can export the data in PDF, CSV, or XLS formats. Additionally, you can choose the page orientation and size and include attachments if applicable, such as when working on tasks.

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