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Use the search to navigate more easily. You can jump to projects, budgets, and more. Use keywords to find specific data in your account.

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In Productive, there are several ways available for you to find what you are looking for. Specifically, the quick search, full search, local search, and scoped search.

Let's go through each of these functionalities.

Quick search

Quick search is located in the main navigation, but you can open it using the CTRL + S or CMD + K shortcuts (CTRL + ALT + S for Windows and Linux).

Start typing the phrase you're looking for and you'll get the search results that match your phrase the best. A quick search will help you easily find anything in your account. It can be a deal, a project, a person, or a company...

Once you've found what you're looking for, click on that object. You will navigate to that object in full screen. This is called a jump.

πŸ’‘ Special characters are also supported to get straight to the object you are looking for:

Full search

To access the Full search, click on Advanced filters and then toggle the Full search option. The full search browses through comments, Docs, feed, etc.

Local search

The quick search is usable across all segments of Productive, regardless of your position. You could be in Resourcing, and use the quick search to find a company.

The local search, on the other hand, is unique to each separate segment of Productive, e.g. Projects, Contacts, Deals... Commonly located in the top right corner, it filters all displayed data based on your input. Note that the elements universally applicable to the local search are: object name, object number, and object ID. An object is a project, a contact, or a deal...

Other data may be used in certain segments of Productive, but not all. For example, you can't use the local search to filter all Internal projects. In these cases, you are better off using the filter option:

Scoped search

When located in a specific object, e.g. a project, the search can be narrowed to that specific object only by clicking on it. Here is an example where data would be searched just for the ADB Bank website project. We call this a scoped search.

Additional options

With the Active only option, you can narrow your search to only active objects:

Filter out specific categories during the search:

Bring up Actions by clicking on the button or typing in "/" after which you will see a list of supported actions within the Search window. Visit settings, create tasks, invite people, and more!


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