Holidays and vacation are classified as events in Productive. Mark them as paid or non paid and let scheduling do the time tracking for you
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Productive allows you to mark certain days of the year as a holiday which means they will be treated as non-working days.

This is very useful because:

  • You’ll have accurate capacity information which means you’ll know exactly how many non-working days there were in a month. Not just weekends as it was until now, but also Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc.

  • Holidays are marked in all of the calendars throughout Productive (time reports, time tracking, etc.)

Right off the bat, when you sign up to Productive we will automatically populate holidays based on your account locale. This way we ensure your national holidays are instantly added to your account. 

In Settings > Holidays, you can check manage your holidays.

To add a new Holiday Calendar, click on New Holiday Calendar in the top right corner.

The small pop-up window will show up to enter Name, Country (from the drop-down menu) and State.

💡 State information is necessary for countries that have state-specific holidays. If no state is selected, only the holidays that are common for all states will be created. 💡

When creating a new holiday calendar or when editing an existing one, you can enable or disable the automatic holiday generator. Just click on the toggle button at the bottom.

Enabling this switch, holidays from the calendar of the selected country will be generated on a monthly basis. If you delete some holidays from the list, they will be added in the next holiday autogenerate cycle.

Disabling the switch, the holiday calendar will be empty and you can add holidays manually. By disabling this switch on the existing calendar, before-created holidays will stay, but it will not generate new ones.

If you want to change something, hover over the holiday, click on the name, and make the changes you need. If you want to delete it, click on the delete button next to the name. To manually add a date to an existing holiday calendar, scroll to the bottom and click on + Add holiday.

You’ll notice holidays are marked with colored flags on the My time screen when you track your time. The same flag will be used across other calendars in Productive.

💡 Manually entered holidays will not be automatically created for future years. As such, be mindful to create them manually again. 💡

To learn more on how to assign holiday calendars to your teammates, visit the following article:

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