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Adding a New User or a Contact
Adding a New User or a Contact

You can invite new people if you want to add them as users to your account. Invite people by sending an email or providing them with a link.

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What is the difference between a User and a Contact?

Users can log into Productive, collaborate on projects, track time and perform other tasks.

Contacts, on the other hand, cannot log into Productive, but allow you to take notes, store contact information and file emails. A contact can be converted into a user at any time (see paragraph 5).

There are multiple ways of adding new users and contacts to your account.

  1. Inviting a user directly using their email

  2. Adding a new user without sending the invitation email

  3. Creating a new contact

  4. Converting a contact into a user

  5. Using the Quick Add button

1. Inviting someone directly via email

Hover over your profile on the navigation tab and click on Invite people.

Then, decide what the role of this user is going to be. They can be an employee, client, or contractor.

You can also use the public join link to invite colleagues in bulk via Slack, email, or other communication tools.

2. Adding a new user without sending the invitation email

In order to add a new user, head to Settings - Users, and click the + Add user button to the right.

In the new window, select whether the new user is an employee, client, or contractor. Once that is done, simply fill in the user's data (name, title, workplace...) and untick the box Send invitation via email.

By unticking the Send invitation via email option, the user will be added as a member of your team, but not invited. You will then see them in Resourcing for example, just as you would see an active user.
The invitation to the said user can be always sent at a later date.

Alternatively, a new user can also be added via the Contacts screen, where you can select +Person to add a new person and select User:

After this, simply follow the steps as outlined above and your new user will be created.

3. Creating a new Contact

To create a new Contact, select +Person from the Contacts menu and select Contact:


4. Converting a contact into a user

Go to any Contact's page in your Productive account. If they are not a user of any kind, you will see the following button:

Click on Invite and proceed with assigning the role for that contact.

5. Invite Users and Contacts using the Quick Add button

Inviting People using their email as well as inviting Users and Contacts can also be done using the Quick Add button from the main navigation:


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