There are two ways to invite a new user to your account.

  1. Inviting them directly using their email
  2. Creating them as a contact and then converting them into a user

Inviting someone directly via email

Hover your mouse on your avatar menu ain the navigation and click Invite people.

Then, decide what the role of this user is going to be. He can be an employee, client or contractor.

Choose what the user will be, fill in their contact details and click Invite. 

The user will get an email, asking them to access their Productive account. 

You can also use the public join link to invite colleagues in bulk via Slack, email, or other communication tools.

Converting a contact into a user

Go to any Contact's page in your Productive account. If they are not a user of any kind, you will see this button.

Click that button and proceed with the same process as described above for inviting the person directly via email.

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