This is a free Productive addon. You have to turn it on to be able to use it.
Go to Settings > Addons and turn on Email Inbox.

You can bcc emails to Productive and assign them to Deals, Budgets and Invoices so you never lose track of what was going on with the client.

How to use this

After you've turned it on you will find the Emails feature under Contacts > Email.

Your unique account email address will sit at the top right of the Emails screen.

Every mail you bcc or forward to this address will show up here and you'll be able to assign it to a deal or a budget.

E-mails sent to Productive will be shown here.

If you don't want to keep it here, click hover the email to reveal the Dismiss checkmark and click on it. 

Dismiss will remove it from the list of unassigned e-mails, but it won't delete it completely. It will still be shown in the Contact's details under the Emails tab. Productive will automatically assign emails to a Contact as long as the email matches a Contact. 

Delete option will delete the e-mail completely from Productive.

If you want to file it, click on the dropdown menu and select a deal, budget or invoice you want to assign this e-mail to.

If an e-mail is a part of a conversation that was previously filed to Productive, it will be auto filed to the same deal/budget/invoice as all the e-mails before.

You'll get a notification saying that this e-mail was filed to a deal or a budget. You can always go to a deal/budget/invoice and assign the e-mail to something else.

You'll find all the e-mails in the activity feed.

Hover on the right side of the activity feed and select an option for re-assigning e-mails.

You can also dismiss it or delete it completely.

If the account that is sending the email has never been added to Productive, the sender will now be added automatically as a contact.

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