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Project Templates (BETA)
You can create a project template by duplicating a project. Duplicate projects to ensure you save time when working with similar clients.
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All templates are saved in the Template Center which can be accessed by hovering over Accounts & Settings and selecting Template Center:

Create a Project Template

In order to use a project as a template, you will first need to save at least one project as a template.

The option to create a template straight from the Template Center will be added at a later date.
To create a project template and add it to the Template Center, open the Project Sidebar, and under the More actions tab, select Save as template:

Give your template a name, and select a color as well as a description. The latter is entirely optional but can be helpful especially if you have lots of templates.
Additionally, choose if the entire project will be saved as the template, or manually tick what to include in the template:

πŸ’‘ Budgets, invoices, and time entries are not saved under the project template

Create a new project using a template

There are two ways to create a new project using a template:

  • In the Template Center, select your project template, click on Use template, and follow the usual project creation flow:

  • When creating a new project via the Project screen, Quick add, or when Winning a Deal, you will also be able to create that project using a template:

Manage a template

A project template can also be edited or deleted in the Template Center:

When in edit mode, you will notice a black bar indicating that you are editing a template project, and not an active project:

A template does not include invoices, budgets, or the time tab.

It also does not affect the project numbering sequence, does not send out notifications, and data from the template(s) is not included in reporting.

Deleting a project template will send it to Recycle bin.

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