If you work on more or less similar projects you can duplicate existing work and use it as a template. 

Go to the project you want to copy, click on the “...” menu and select the Duplicate project option.

Give your new project a name and select the things you want to copy from the existing project to the new one.

Depending on what you need, copy only Project members or Task lists or everything on the list.

When you’re all set hit the Create project button and your new project will be there on the Project list.

Project template

You may be wondering if you can create a project template as a base for new projects.

Yes you can, by using this same feature. Create a brand new Project, name it for e.g. [TEMPLATE] Website and set it up any way you want to. Create task lists, add project members, add subscribers, add tasks, assign tasks to people…

Once you set up this project template, you can make a copy every time you need to create a new project.

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