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Budget Templates (Beta)

Budget templates make it easy to start new projects and keep things organized in Productive.

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Budget Templates: Overview

Budgeting is a big part of managing projects in Productive and we've made it easier by introducing Budget templates!

These templates let you set default options for budgets, making it quick to start new projects, whether they're for your team (internal) or clients. You can start from scratch or use an existing template or budget as your basis.

Budget templates will be available on the Premium, Professional, and Ultimate plans.

Key Features

  • Create multiple templates to suit different project phases, stages, or client needs.

  • Easily create new budgets using these templates and add them to your projects.

  • Customize details like service types and tracking options within the template.

  • Access and manage all your templates in the Template center.

How to Create a Budget Template?

1) Go to the Template center from your Settings.

2) Click "+ Template" and choose "Budget" from the dropdown.

3) Choose whether to start from scratch, copy an existing budget, or use an existing template to create your new template.

4) Give your template a name and a description to help it stand out for future use, then click "Create template".

5) Next, add your services with their rates and decide on extra budget options like time and expense approvals and restrictions, and add details like currency and default document templates if needed.

6) After setting everything up, save your template by selecting "Save changes" and "Done" in the upper-right corner and go back to the Template Center.

Creating a New Budget Using a Template

To create a new budget from a template, select a template from the Template center and click "Use template".

Alternatively, while in the Financials tab, select "+ Budget" and then "Create from template" to begin creating a budget based on the template of your choice.

From there, you'll be directed to the budget wizard, which is exactly like the one you see when creating a budget from scratch.

There, you can customize your budget details by selecting whether to create an internal or client budget, choose the client and the project, and name your budget, among others.

Note: If you choose to create an internal project, all the services you set up in the template will be transformed into Non-billable!

After selecting "Create budget", you'll be good to go, as all your settings from the selected template will be transferred to your newly created budget.

While working with the budget, feel free to adjust it further as needed!

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