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Permission Builder: Try Out

Test the permission set you are building as you add or remove permissions.

Updated over a week ago

The "Try out" feature in the Permission Sets Builder lets users preview and test custom permission sets to see how they affect user access in Productive.

This feature is useful for ensuring that the assigned permissions match the intended user experience. It allows the permission set creator to preview changes before finalizing them and applying the permission set to a user.

While in the "Try out" mode, users will only see data and functionalities they already have access to, maintaining data security and privacy.
Check out the article below to see how the "Try out" works!

1) Accessing the "Try Out" Feature

  • Navigate to the Permission sets builder main window (Settings > Permission sets)

  • Select the desired permission set you want to test.

  • Click on "Try it out" either from the main window menu or within the builder of a specific permission set.

2) User Perspective Preview

  • After initiating the the "Try out" mode, a banner labeled "You are currently viewing Productive with the permission set {permission set name}" will appear at the bottom left of the screen.

  • The interface will reflect the permissions and access levels defined in the selected permission set, providing a realistic view of how the application will appear and function for users assigned to that set.

3) Important: Scope of Testing

  • All specific objects and functionalities (e.g., tasks, projects) will be visible based on the user's actual permissions, ensuring a scoped but accurate representation.

    For example, even when trying out the "Admin" permission set, you won't see all data if it's not visible in your current permission set.

  • Any actions performed during the "Try out" session, such as adding or editing documents or tasks, will be functional and saved!

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