Person Nickname Customization

Add a nickname to be searched more easily in mention/search.

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Using nicknames helps you search or mention people in task comments or Docs without having to type their names.

How to add/edit a nickname?

Nicknames can be set up by any user by hovering over their user profile and clicking Add Nickname.

A popup window will appear where the nickname can be assigned and/or an existing name can be edited.

In the same place, an added nickname can be edited by clicking Edit nickname.

Nicknames can also be added/changed in the user profile by clicking on the three vertical dots in the right corner.

The added nickname will be visible on the user profile like this and is also clickable, so you can edit it from there...

... or by clicking on three vertical dots and selecting Edit nickname.

Where can you use a nickname?

Using nicknames makes it easier to find people in search and also to mention them in task comments and Docs.


Entering the nickname in the general search will bring up that person. This way you don't have to type the person's name to search for them.

Mention in task comments and Docs

You can choose to type in a person's nickname to mention them in task comments

and in Docs.

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