To move multiple bookings in Scheduling at the same time, first, enable selecting bookings in bulk by holding down the Shift key.
You will notice empty checkboxes next to the booking's start date. As soon as you select the desired bookings by checking the empty checkboxes, the boxes will turn blue and you will notice a light blue header with additional functionalities at the top of your screen:

In the menu that appeared after selecting multiple bookings, you will find four options:

  • Shift left

  • Shift right

  • Extend

  • Delete (three-dot menu)

By choosing the - Shift right/left option you will be able to move the selected bookings for a few days, weeks, or even months.

You can use this if for whatever reason you must delay the start date on a specific Service or a Project:

If you wish to extend the duration of a booking, use the Extend option.

With this functionality, you can select multiple bookings and extend the end date for a few days, weeks, or months.
Note that with this option the start date remains the same, while the end date is extended according to your preferences:

In order to delete marked bookings, simply click on the Delete option visible in the three-dot menu:

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