Payroll Report
Get a detailed overview of all your employees' cost rates.
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The payroll report is used to provide an overview of your team's salaries. More precisely, it will display all the cost rates for your employees for each month, the cost rate type (hourly, monthly), as well as the start and end dates for those cost rates.

Create a payroll report

Go to Insights and create a new one ''From scratch'':

Select the Payroll data source. This is only visible to Admins since it is the only role that can see people's cost rates.

Customizing the report

The report can be customized just like any other insight.

Use filters, add fields, group data, visualize the report with a chart, etc:

The Date picker has been updated for this data source where you can quickly select a specific month for which the data will be displayed:

Such an Insight can also be converted into an automatic report that will periodically be sent to your inbox using the Pulse feature. To learn more, check out the following article: Pulse

You can also export the payroll report by clicking the ⬇️ icon in the top right-hand corner:

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