Private Tasks

Make a task private and visible only to the subscribers on that task.

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Create a private task

To make a task private, look for the lock πŸ”’ icon in the upper right while creating or editing a task:


If the icon looks like in the picture above, that means the task is not private and everyone on the project can see it.

However, if you click the lock you'll enable private mode and the task panel will change its background color:

This now means that this task is private and only people you add as subscribers will be able to see it. The rest of the project members won't see this task until you assign the task to someone or add them as subscribers.

πŸ’‘ Note: Private tasks cannot contain subtasks. Subtasks are only available for public tasks.

What will happen to the time entries when I make the task private?

If you decide to convert a public task to a private one, all time entries logged on that task it will be unlinked from it.
The time entries will still remain logged against the service they were initially linked to, but the connection between those time entries and the selected task will disappear.


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