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Create an Insight and set up a Pulse for sprints
Create an Insight and set up a Pulse for sprints
Build a customized report and send it automatically to the designated recipients.
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If you need to create a report and automatically send it to your internal teams or clients, you can create an Insight with the Tasks data source.

In it, apply the filters as necessary, for example:

  • date closed - last week -> to only show tasks closed last week

  • project -> to filter tasks from a specific project

You can also, add the fields you might find useful, or remove the ones you don't and group the tasks by board, or any other of the supported criteria.

Once you're set, click on Save insight:

By saving the insight, you can quickly pull it from your Insights view, and by ticking the Create Pulse for this report, you will be able to create the automated report called Pulse:

In the Pulse details, select its sending schedule, format, and recipient list:

For more info on how a Pulse works, check out the following article - Pulse

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