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Time Warnings on Budgets
Time Warnings on Budgets

Create time warnings when the tracked hours on a budget reach a certain threshold.

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In addition to tracking the time spent against your budgets manually, you may want to set up an automated notification when the budget is close to being used up.

To do so, first, open the budget sidebar and head over to the Approvals section. In the text box, you can type in the desired percentage:

This means that once 80% of the billable time (not worked time!) has been tracked against this budget, the budget owner will receive the following email:

Click here to change the budget owner, and therefore the person that gets time warnings:

There are a few important things to note:

  • If the budget requires time approval, only approved time counts against this time warning. You can read more about time approval here.

  • Additionally, you may only define time warnings as a percentage of the billable time, not as a set number. So for example, you can set the warning to go off when 80 % of the time has been logged, but not to go off when 8 out of 10 hours have been logged.

  • The warning is set on the budget level. This means that you cannot receive warnings per each individual service on the budget, only across all services on the budget.

  • Time warnings are sent only to the budget owner, not to the subscribers. If you're a budget owner, you can expect to receive the warning immediately, but it may arrive with a slight delay, generally no more than a minute.

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