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Send Reports and Messages to Slack
Send Reports and Messages to Slack

Send reports into any Slack channel on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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If you wish to send Reports with Pulse to Slack, here's a quick guide on how to set everything up and send Reports to Slack.

πŸ’‘ Note that the Pulse feature is available only in the Productive Ultimate plan.


Every Productive user has an option to send Reports from Productive to a Slack channel. The following steps explain how to set everything up:

1. Productive Admin sets up the organizational integration

Organization-wide Slack integration needs to be set up to send Pulse via Slack. Go to Settings > App Marketplace, and look up Slack:


Click on the Send reports and messages to Slack button and follow the steps:

After allowing the Productive app to access your Slack workspace, the message will show up: Successfully connected to Slack.

2. Any channel member invites Productive to Slack channels

After you set up Organisation integration, you need to invite Productive to the channel to which you wish to send Pulse.

Any channel member can write in the channel chat "@productive" and hit Invite them.

Repeat this step for every Slack channel (public or private) you wish to receive Pulse to.

Send Pulse to Slack

All productive users with access to Reports can now send Pulse to Slack channels. Go to the Report of your choice click on the πŸ”” icon in the upper right corner and select
​+ Create a pulse.

Above that, you will see previously created Pulses for that Report with different icons for e-mail, and Slack Pulses.

A window will appear where you will define the following for the new Pulse:

  • When the Pulse will be sent, and

  • Export format (PDF, CSV, XLST).

To see a bit more on Pulse creating options check the instructions here.

Then choose Send Pulse via Slack from the dropdown menu on How and pick a Slack channel to which you wish to send this Pulse.

πŸ’‘ Pulse can be sent to one Slack channel at a time. If you wish to send the same Report to multiple Slack channels you need to create separate Pulses for each.

There are no restrictions on sending private Pulses to public channels, so keep an eye on the Reports you are sending.

πŸ’‘ Note that public channels are listed in the dropdown by default, and private channels will be listed only after the Productive app has been invited (see above).

Now when you've set everything up, hit Save pulse. You can also Send a test pulse, to check if everything is working properly.

Receive your Pulse in Slack

Your Pulse should arrive in your Slack channel like this:

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