Organize your tasks, deals or budgets in columns and move them around the Kanban board by creating the Board view from the page header.

Board view is available in Tasks screen, project tasks screen, Deals and Budgets screen.

Board view on tasks on project

Click on the views menu and choose +Add a view.

Choose Board view, decide on the view visibility and hit Save.

You can also apply different grouping options and filters if needed.

Decide on the look of your card by adding or removing fields.
Upon saving the view, all settings will be saved within the Board view.

Board view in sales deals

Use Board view to organize your sales deals as you wish. For example, you can add more custom fields and organize your deals in the multiple sales pipelines. Just create more views and group each view by a different custom field.

💡 Note that custom fields for this purpose should be a "dropdown" type. Other custom field types are not available as a grouping option in the board view.

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