With Productive's Slack integration you can now receive notifications in your Slack

application as well as create tasks directly from Slack.

How to enable the integration

To enable the Slack integration, go to your Settings and select Personal integrations:

Under Slack integration, click on Connect Slack:

You will receive the following message in Slack, so go ahead and click on Allow:

Productive will now be shown in your Apps list in Slack:

Available Commands in Slack

There are three commands currently available with the Slack integration:

  • /productive help

  • /productive settings

  • /productive task

Productive Help

The Help command will list available shortcuts (global and message) as well as available commands

Productive Settings

The Settings command allows you to change settings for:

  • Notifications - turn on/off notifications as you have defined in your Productive notification settings. Currently works only for comment notifications.

  • Link previews - turn on/off link previews for all tasks, or turn them on for public tasks only.

  • Status sync - your time off events will automatically be shown in slack. For more information, please refer to the following article:

  • Changing the current (active) organization - if you are a part of multiple organizations, you can change the current organization here.

Productive Task

The Task command allows you to create a task directly from Slack. There are three ways how to create a task:

  1. The first one is to simply type in "/productive task" after which you will select the project:

...and enter task details:

2. The second option is to click on the Shortcut icon in Slack, type in "task" and select the option to create a task from the dropdown menu.

3. The third way of creating a task is directly from a message in Slack. Click on more options right to the message and select Create a Task.

After selecting the project you want to assign this task to, you will notice the Description is automatically populated with the message from Slack in the following window:

Also, if the Add link to slack message is ticked, a link to the Slack message will appear in the task.

Manage Productive Tasks in Slack

When task links are posted into Slack, they will contain task's information and people will also be able to perform the following actions on the task:

  • Close the task (or reopen if it has been closed)

  • Change the assignee

  • Change the task list

  • Change the due date


If the Slack integration has been enabled but the link preview (unfurl) is not working:

  1. Check if the task link you are sending is private or public and how the task preview (unfurl) settings are set up - on, off, or on for public tasks only.

  2. Contact your Slack workspace administrator to check if app.productive.io has been blocked under the workspace settings: Administration - Settings & Permissions -> Attachments

For more information on the privacy policy, please follow the link below:

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