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Create a project-specific Insight right from the project itself.

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If you want to create a report in Insights for one specific project, you can do it from the project itself.

Perfect for busy project managers who want to save time and check data for just one project:

Click on the Insights tab in the project overview.

Here you will see a list of all of your relevant project insights. To set up a new insight for this project, hit the + Insight button in the top right and the insights library will open up.

Add from Insights Library

The Insights Library is an extensive collection of prebuilt insights that should cover most of your needs. Pick a category on the left, or scroll freely through all the available insights. You can use all these insights as-is, or you can customize them to suit your own needs. You can save any insight made this way as a separate insight.

Create from scratch

If these pre-existing insights don't meet your requirements and you need to create a custom insight of your own, simply click the downward-facing arrow next to + Insight and select From scratch:

Follow this article to learn how to create Insights.

When you're done creating your Insight, click on Save Insight to add it to your collection:

Choose who will be able to view and edit this insight:

Your saved Insights will now be in the Insights tab on the project:

Remember, this tab will only show you the Insights made from the data from that particular project.

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