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Add Time Off Entitlements and Approve Time Off
Add Time Off Entitlements and Approve Time Off

Add the number of time off days a teammate can use.

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In Productive, Time off covers various types of leave, including paid summer and winter vacations, half-days off, unpaid leave, and paid maternity or paternity leave, to name a few.

These time-off categories, also referred to as entitlements, provide flexibility in team management, allowing you to assign specific categories to individual team members. Each teammate can have their allocation of time-off days or hours.

1) Adding Entitlements to the Team

To add desired entitlements or time-off categories to your employees, go to CRM > Contacts and find the person in question. Just so you know, only the Admin role has permission to add entitlements.

From there, head to their Time off tab and select + Entitlement.

2) Selecting the Desired Time-off Category

Here's a useful checklist to go over when adding a time-off category:

  • Select the previously defined limited time-off category for the teammate (note that all unlimited time-off categories are automatically available to everyone)

  • Enter the total allocation in days or hours

  • Specify the start and end dates for the category's validity

  • Optionally provide a brief description of why this entitlement and allocation of days/hours are being assigned to this individual (later visible in Reports only)

Pro Tip:

As an admin, make sure you include a description for the time-off category in Settings > Time off to help your team easily identify, use, and review booked time off.

This description will be visible throughout the platform, including in Settings > Time off, under the person's entitlements in their profile, in Resourcing while booking and viewing the time off, and in Reports (e.g., Booking data source).

3) Optional: Setting Up Time Off Approvers

Interested in setting up an internal time-off approval process?

You can designate one or multiple individuals to handle time-off requests. Get started by checking out our article on how to Define Time Off Approvers.

4) Optional: Import Entitlements

Looking to import entitlements or time-off categories into Productive?

You can easily do so through a CSV file import. For more details, check out our article on data imports.

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