Create a Task Via Email

Add a task to a task list using only your email.

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You can add a task to a task list using your email in a few easy steps:

Go to the task list in question and click on the three dots icon in the upper corner of the task list, select Email to this list:

A unique email address will be generated which you can now copy:

Paste the email address in the recipient field and add the following:

  • Subject: This will be the title of the task

  • Text: This will be the description of the task

  • Attachments: Add an attachment to the email and they will appear in the task.

So if your email looks like this:

Your task will look like this:

Note: If the person creating the task is not in your Productive account, they will automatically be added as a Contact.

Bonus tip 💡
If you have a lot of clients and would like them to create tasks using a Frontend interface without actually logging into Productive, create a Google Form which is sent to the Email of that particular Task List.

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