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Switching from Credit Card to Invoice Payment

Switching from credit card to invoices? Understand the tradeoffs before you decide.

Updated over a week ago

Switching from credit card to invoices for your Productive subscription comes with certain considerations. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Invoice payment is only available for annual contracts.

  2. We use Stripe as our payment gateway, and to switch to invoice payment, we need to update your account on Stripe accordingly.

  3. Some benefits provided with credit card payments will be lost, including automatic prorate adjustment and the ability to purchase individual user seats.

  4. When paying via invoice, you buy a "bucket" of user seats, with a minimum of 10 users per bucket. If you buy only one bucket, your account is physically limited to accept no more than 10 users.

  5. To add more users than the physical cap allows, you'll need to purchase another bucket and your account will be capped to the new limit.

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