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How To Change A Proposal Template
How To Change A Proposal Template

Learn how to switch between document templates when sending a sales proposal.

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In Productive, you can utilize various document templates for deal proposals tailored for different occasions or clients. This flexibility allows you to maintain consistency in your client communications.

Here’s how to change a proposal template to suit your needs better.

1) Access the Deal

Navigate to CRM > Deals and select the deal for which you are sending the proposal.

2) Edit Document Information

  • Select the Document information tab located in the deal sidebar.

  • Select Edit document info to open the proposal document settings.

3) Select a New Template

Click on the Document template menu, pick the proposal template you would like to use and select Save to confirm your choice.

If needed, adjust the note you'd like to add to this specific deal. Otherwise, the note you added in the settings will be applied.

After successfully switching your deal proposal template, select Export Proposal PDF to download your document.

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