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Add people to projects, remove people from projects. Change project manager.

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There are three ways how you can add people to a project:

1. Let them join themselves

People can join every public project in Productive on their own. If you are using a private project, you'll need to read this article further to add project members yourself.

2. People page

Find a person on the Contacts page and click the Projects tab. Search for a project and select it from a dropdown menu.

You can add more projects to the same person at once. Search again, and select another project. When you're done click the Add to projects button.

3. Projects

Go to Projects in the main navigation and select a project from the list. There is an option to add people to the project or remove them from it.

Type to search for a person and click on the Add person to a project button.

If you wish to remove the person, just hit the x right next to the name.

I can remove Project Members, but not the responsible person?

That's right. Every project has to have a responsible person, aka the Project Manager. You can change that person, but you can't remove it.

Open the Sidebar and select Edit project.

Here you can assign the project to a different Project Manager.

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