A price list is is a predefined list of Service prices. You can add two types of price lists:

  1. Default price list for your company
  2. Price list specific to each client

Defining price lists helps you speed up the process of creating deals and budgets for a client because you don’t have to think every time how much you should charge clients or dig through a contract to find the exact numbers.

If you created a price list, the numbers will already be in the dropdown menu for you to choose from when editing financials on a deal or budget.

Setting up a default price list for your company

To set up a default price list, go to My company. 

Switch to the Default prices tab and click on the Create price button.

Here you define a type of service you're offering and the price of that service.

If you add a price per hour, this same price will be applied on fixed price and hourly priced budgets, for the same service.

All the services you created price for will show up on the list.

To edit or delete prices, just click in the row you want to make changes and an edit form will pop-out.

So, the next time you go and create a new deal, your default prices will already be in the dropdown menu.

You can do the same for each of your clients in Productive, thus creating a custom pricing for all of them.

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