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Inviting People to Productive

Inviting people to Productive is easy. Learn how to invite employees, contractors and clients to your account.

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Invite people

If you want to simultaneously create a new user and invite them to collaborate with you in Productive, go to your profile menu and select Invite people from the menu.

Choose who you’re inviting - Employees, Contractors, or Clients. Read more about different roles here. Note that clients do not take up seats in your organization and as such, are completely free to add.

Enter the e-mails of your co-workers to the list, one at a time.

You can add as many e-mails as you want.

Once you’re done adding everybody you want, click on the Invite coworkers button, after which you will be able to define cost rates for the invited coworkers. You can read more about setting up cost rates by clicking here.

Don’t know all the e-mails but would still like to invite people to join? We created a public link you can copy and send to anybody.

This way, everyone who receives a public link can enter their e-mail and get an invitation to join Productive.

Add a user

Alternatively, you can also create a user directly in Productive, and then either invite them immediately or do so at some later point.

Simply head to Settings - Users, and click the + Add user button to the right.

In the new window, select whether the new user is an employee, client, or contractor. Once that is done, simply fill in the user's data (name, title, workplace...) and untick the box Send invitation via email.

By unticking the Send invitation via email option, the user will be added as a member of your team, but not invited. You will then see them in Resourcing for example, just as you would see an active user.
The invitation to the said user can be always sent at a later date.

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