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Multiple Organizations

You can manage multiple organizations with your Productive account. You will be able to switch between accounts with a single click.

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You can have more than one organization added to Productive. If you want to add another organization to your account please go to the page:

Click on the button at the bottom: +Create a new organization.

There are a few basic things you need to know about having multiple organizations in your account:

  • Every organization is an entity for itself. Organizations are completely separated and have their own set of users, deals, projects, etc. You don't have a single point of access to all the deals or projects across all organizations. You're looking at everything separately for each organization.

  • You can have different roles in each organization which means that you can be an Admin in one organization and Staff in the other.

  • Every organization has its own billing and its own settings.

To switch between organizations, hover over the "Home" icon and choose the organization you want to switch to.


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