Go the Contacts tab in the main navigation and select "+" button.

Add a user

A user is someone who has credentials to log in to Productive, has a role with a set of permissions and can collaborate on projects, track their time and do other stuff.

Users can be:

  • Employees - full-time members of your company. They have a defined monthly/hourly cost rate and a specific role.

  • Clients - collaborate with your team on projects and tasks, and also depending on their permissions can have access to time entries and other info about budgets.

  • Contractors - people that sometimes work with your team, but are not a part of your company.

Select a type of user you want to add.

Put down their details like e-mail address, name and job title and hit the Invite user button.

The user will receive an e-mail from Productive with a link for signing up.

Add a contact

A contact is someone you, for example, met in a meeting and want to save their contact information for the future reference.

A contact doesn't have credentials and can't log in to Productive. When you create a contact, you simply save the contact information of that person without sending an invite to join Productive.

If you want to invite more people at once, read more about it here.

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