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New Navigation Layout
New Navigation Layout

Quickly find and access the content that you need with the new navigation layout.

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Back to the old navigation (this option is available for 30 days)

Aside from other benefits the New Navigation brings (more on that later), you now have more space on your screen to work with. Here is what your homepage would look like:

What is new?

The most obvious change is the positioning of items (modals) in Productive -> The main navigation panel that was available on the left in the "old" navigation is now shown at the top of the screen:

Your Accounts & Settings are now displayed in the top right:


One of the core features in the new navigation is Favorites. Certain pages and views can be added to the Favorites sidebar.

To access Favorites, simply move your cursor to the left side of your screen, and the slide-in menu will appear. There, you will see the list of your favorite items:

Adding Favorites

To add a page to your Favorites screen, look for the Star icon ๐ŸŒŸ on a particular page. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Add a Dashboard to favorites:

  • Add a Task to favorites:

  • Add an Insight to favorites:

After adding those items, here is how the Favorites screen would look like:

๐Ÿ’ก Notice how each of the items has its icon to differentiate the objects listed

Remove a Favorite

To remove an item from your Favorites screen, simply "unstar" it:

Organizing Favorites

In the Favorites screen, you can create Folders to better organize your favorite items. To create a Folder, click on the icon shown below.
Editing a folder is also easy - to do so, click on the three dots next to it:

To move an item to a folder simply click on that item and drag and drop it into the folder of your choice:

To keep the Favorites screen active at all times click on the arrows pointing right.
And vice-versa, to enable auto-hiding of the Favorites screen those arrows should be pointing left:

I am not quite digging into the new navigation. Any chance of reverting to the old one?

Sure thing! Your feedback is something that we value highly, so if you could reach out to us via chat and tell us what can be improved, we would appreciate it a lot.
To go back to the old navigation, hover over your Accounts & Settings and select Back to old navigation:

๐Ÿ’ก Please note that the option of reverting to the old navigation will stay available only for 30 days after you're prompted to switch to the new navigation.

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