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Mapping Harvest Financials to Productive Budgets
Mapping Harvest Financials to Productive Budgets

Learn how different types of project financials are mapped from Harvest to Productive

Updated over a week ago

Harvest and Productive budgeting models are significantly different - budgets in Productive are based on service budgeting and service hourly rates. Therefore, projects set up with Task Hourly Rates in Harvest should be imported correctly.

But there are few types of budget setups in Harvest that can't be copied identically to Productive.

In such cases, some of your financial data transferred from Harvest can look incomplete or incorrect in Productive. It is up to you to decide case by case how to proceed with these budgets and we are here to help with the decision!

Here are a couple of use cases:

  1. When a Project budget is set up as a Person Hourly Rate and the Total Project Hours are defined....

... in Productive we will ignore the total project hours and person hourly rates will be mapped to billable services in equal fractions (because Productive doesn't operate with budgets based on person hourly rates).

Note that employees in Productive have their own cost rates, but they can't have specific cost rates per project.

2. When a Project in Harvest has a fixed fee, and the Budget is set up as Total Project Fees...

... we will allocate the whole amount to the newly created service that we named Project Fees.

Tasks from Harvest will be imported as Productive Services, but you won't be able to track budget spending per service because the time is tracked against the real services, and the budget amount is allocated to the single Project Fees service.

To learn how to import data from Harvest to Productive check out this article:


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