To try out brand new features before they're officially released, you can enrol to Productive's beta program. We'll release new features to the beta program before they're released to the general public, so this is a great way to try a feature you've been waiting for ahead of time.

Only administrators can enrol their companies to the beta program, and you can do that in two ways:

Beta Features

To see which features are available, go to Settings > Beta Program. Here you'll find a list of features you can use, a brief explanation and a toggle switch which enables the feature.

Note that turning on the feature will make it visible to all appropriate teammates.

You'll find an explanation under each feature that tells you which level of permissions the person has to have in order to use it.

Submitting Feedback

Since the features in the Beta Program are in their final stages of development, they can change at any time - and we do want to hear your feedback. Feel free to send us your feedback via the in-app chat, via mail or schedule a call with us.

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