When you're ready to send an invoice to your client, you can:

  • Charge Time and Expenses from a specific period
  • Charge the whole budget (Fixed-price items only)
  • Charge what's left uninvoiced from a certain budget

An invoice can be created directly from a budget:

...or you can go to Billing > Invoices and hit New.

Let's see how you can invoice an item that you're selling to your client for a fixed price. In this example, the price for the service is $1,000 and five hours have been tracked on that service.

This budget can be invoiced in two ways:

1) Charge your client only for the five hours of work that have been done:

Using this method, you can select the date picker and invoice the time entries created in a specific time period:

2) Charge your client for a specific uninvoiced amount. The system will calculate how much of the total amount was invoiced before (if there was any previous invoicing) so you can invoice the difference. Alternatively, you can invoice the whole budget upfront (fixed price items only).

To make things easier for you and your clients, you can automate the naming of the line items. If you use the first option (Univoiced Time & Expenses), you can use the following:

  • Project
  • Budget
  • Service type / Service
  • Task / Task Number
  • Person
  • Time Entry
  • Period (day, week, month, quarter, year)

Also, you can enter any text you'd like:

So if you want to invoice the work your teammate has done in this quarter, it will look like this:

If you use the second option (Uninvoiced amount), you can automate the naming of the line items using:

  • Service
  • Service Type
  • Budget
  • Project

And as before, you can add your text as well:

To change the document type you're using, click here:

When you're ready, hit Create invoice:

Attach Timesheet Report

If you want to send your client a timesheet report for the invoiced time entries, be sure to hit Send Invoice Via Email:

Here you can select Attach related time entries .pdf file:

The file will appear above:

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