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Requesting and Managing My Time Off
Requesting and Managing My Time Off

Check your time-off entitlements and request time off.

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Checking Your Available Time Off

To view your current available entitlement(s) or time-off categories, access your profile by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner and then navigate to the Time off tab.

Note that unlimited time-off categories will automatically appear there. However, for limited time-off categories like "Half or Full Day Off" or "Partial time off" (pictured below), you need to add them to each team member's profile using the + Entitlement option on the right.

Read more on adjusting your company's time off settings here.

Requesting Time Off

To request time off, go to the Time tab and select Book Time off.

In the calendar, choose the date range for your time off request and select the appropriate time-off category.

You can also add a note if there's any additional relevant information you need to share about the time-off request.

The colors of the booked time off in your Time off calendar will correspond to the color chosen to represent the time-off category in the Time off settings!

Tip: If you're unsure about which time-off category to choose, refer to the time-off category description ℹ️.

If descriptions are not available, make sure the account's admins add them in Settings > Time Off for easier navigation.

Time-Off Logs: Current and Past Time Off

Once you submit your time-off request, it will appear below your time-off calendar.

If your time off requires approval, the request will be sent to approvers and you'll se a "Pending" badge next to the time-off request. Upon approval, it will be marked as such.

If no approvers are set up, the time-off request will be in the "Submitted" status and automatically approved!

Additionally, within the log, you'll be able to quickly navigate to the time-off booking in Resourcing as well as cancel the request/booking.

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