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Xero Integration FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Xero integration.

Updated over a week ago
  1. Is this a 2-way integration?
    No. This integration enables you to send Invoices from Productive to Xero, but not the other way around.

    However, if the Payments sync option is turned on, payments will be automatically created in Productive. You can read more here.

  2. Do invoices get sent automatically or do I need to do it manually?
    If you want to send an invoice from Productive to Xero, you need to manually click Send invoice to Xero on each Productive invoice.

  3. Can I change account codes after I have completed the integration?
    Yes, Xero Account codes mapped to Productive service types can be changed at any moment in Integration properties. For more information on how to set up custom mapping, click here.

  4. Are there any requirements to set up the Xero integration?
    You need to be a Productive account Admin. That's the only requirement.

  5. Can I delete the integration to Xero?
    Yes. You can completely delete a Xero integration. Explained here

  6. What happens if I disconnect the integration? Will I lose any data?
    No, everything will stay as it is, you just won't be able to copy invoices to Xero anymore.

  7. If I delete an invoice in Productive, is it automatically deleted in Xero, too?
    No, invoices deleted in Productive have to be deleted manually in Xero.

  8. Are expenses linked to Xero?

    Currently, integration with Xero does not support syncing expenses created in Productive, and vice versa.

  9. Can I create or edit an invoice to Xero after it has already been copied?

    Absolutely - simply open the invoice and select from one of the available options. To learn more, click here.

  10. Can I sync multiple subsidiaries with their own accounts in Xero?

    Yes, you can connect subsidiaries to their respective Xero accounts.

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