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Monthly Automation Runs
Monthly Automation Runs

Find out how many Automations successfully run or how many have failed per month

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Number of Automation runs/Month per plan:

  • Essential: 100 Automation runs/Month.

  • Professional: 1 000 Automation runs/Month.

  • Ultimate: 5 000 Automation runs/Month.

On the top of the Automation screen users can see how many automation runs were used in the organization in the current month.

Furthermore, the count of automation monthly runs resets when the month ends and it starts again from 0. If the maximum is reached, Automation will no longer be triggered.

ℹ️ You can find the amount of runs available in your plan here:

To show all runs of your Automation, click on the ellipsis button next to the Automation and choose Show runs:

There you will find the information about all runs that were performed in specific automation (both successful and unsuccessful):

Automation is considered activated when the Trigger and Condition are both satisfied and at least one action is performed.

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