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Monthly Automation Runs

Learn how to track monthly Automation runs for optimal automation performance.

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In the context of Automations, a "run" occurs when the automation is triggered and all conditions are met for at least one action to be performed.

These runs are counted and monitored to manage the usage of automations efficiently.

Accessing Automation Runs

Navigate to Settings > Automations and view the count of monthly automation runs used by your organization. This count resets monthly and varies based on your subscription plan:

  • Essential: 100 Automation runs/month

  • Professional: 1000 Automation runs/month

  • Ultimate: 5000 Automation runs/month

Monitoring Automation Runs

To view all runs of a specific automation, click on the three-dot menu next to the Automation and select ๐Ÿค– Show runs.

Here, you can track all past runs, including both successful and unsuccessful attempts, providing valuable insights into automation performance.

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