Import Tasks From CSV

Learn how to import tasks using the .csv template

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In addition to importing contacts and companies, you can also import Tasks using the .csv template. To import this data, navigate to a task list's menu and select Import tasks from CSV. Note that you can only import tasks from the Board and List layouts.

You will now be prompted with the following screen so proceed with downloading the .csv template and entering the relevant information.

Once you start filling out the template with data please do not delete any columns because the .csv document will not be recognized by the importer.

When you've filled out the template, simply drag and drop it into the upload box, or click the box to upload the document manually.

Fixing Errors

When you upload a document, Productive will automatically check if there are any errors you need to fix before uploading the file successfully.

There is one error in the example above. Click on it to see more details and where the problem seems to exist.

The problem with this document is that the Assignee is not found - the email does not seem to in the Productive database.

To fix the error, open the .csv file update the Assignee's email, and upload the .csv file again.

Alternatively, edit the information directly from the pop-up screen above using inline editing!

You should get no errors if you've fixed everything.

Click Proceed to import, and then click Import on the next screen.


Useful tips

  • You do not have to specify the due date and initial estimate for tasks, or even the Assignee - simply leave those fields blank if not needed

  • The initial estimate is calculated in minutes and all values should be entered as such. For example, if you wish to set the estimate to 1 hour and 20 minutes, type in "80"

  • Use the inline editing feature when updating the imported file to fix any errors

  • Make sure that the Date format is DD/MM/YYYY, otherwise, a parsing error will appear


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