Budgets list

This is how you see budgets in a particular project:

Let's say you have given access to your client to just one budget from this project. This is how it's going to look like on the client's side:

Notice the difference between what you see and what your client can see.

Clients can't see total revenue, profit, margin, invoicing, billable time, rate. The only thing they see is total price for the budget, and total time spent.

Budget details

This is how you see budget details:

This is what a client can see:

Time entries

This is how you see time entries:

This is what a client can see:

In this example we're showing a budget that has time approval set on and there are two time entries that haven't been approved yet.

As you can see, these two time entries are still not visible to your client. They will become visible once a person responsible for this project approves them.

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