If you wish to send Insights with Pulse to Slack, here's a quick guide on how to set everything up and send Pulse to Slack.

Organization integration set-up

Every Slack member (no matter the plan) has an option to send an Insight from Productive to any channel. But first, an organization-wide Slack integration needs to be set up to send Pulse via Slack.

If you don't have an Organisation integration set up for Slack, you can set one from Create Pulse form in Insights.

This will lead you to Settings > Organisation integrations. Click on the Connect slack button and follow the steps.

Note that one person can set this up for the whole organization and everyone can use it. This is different from Personal Slack integrations.

When you allowed the Productive app to access your Slack workspace, the message will show up: Successfully connected to Slack.

Send Pulse to Slack

To send a Pulse via Slack, you first need to create one. Go to the Insight of your choice and click on the 🔔 in the upper right corner and select + Create a pulse.

Above that, you will see previously created Pulses for that Insight, different icons for e-mail, and Slack Pulses.

A window will appear where you will define the following for the new Pulse:

  • When the Pulse will be sent, and

  • Export format (PDF, CSV, XLST).

To see a bit more on Pulse creating options check the instructions here.

Then choose the Send Pulse via Slack from the dropdown menu on How and pick a Slack channel to which you wish to send this Pulse.

💡 Pulse can be sent to one Slack channel at a time. If you wish to send the same Insight to multiple Slack channels you need to create separate Pulses for each.

The Slack channel dropdown list shows all public channels. If you want to see private channels you are a member of you need to invite Productive to that channel.

Also, there are no restrictions on sending private Pulses to public channels, so keep an eye on the Insights you are sending.

To invite Productive to private Slack channels, click in the upper right corner of the channel where the icons of the members appear.

Go to Integrations, and click on the Add an App.

You can do the same thing by writing in the chat on that channel:

  • @productive

  • /invite @productive

After you invited Productive to your private channel, it will be now visible in your dropdown menu, along with other public channels.

Now when you set everything up, you can Send a test pulse, to check if everything is working properly.

And it should be shown on your channel like this:

And this is what it should look like! Click the Save pulse button and you are ready to go.

If you wish to learn more about Slack and other integrations, check here:

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