Before you being your setup, open GSuite in one tab and Productive in the other as you'll be copying information from one page to the other.

To set up SSO in Google's GSuite, go to your GSuite account and select Admin > Apps:

Select SAML apps:

Select Add a service:

... and click on Setup My Own Custom App:

You'll see this screen, keep it open as you'll ned to copy and paste items back and forth:

Now go to Productive and in Settings select Single Sign-on:

Go back to GSuite and copy the SSO URL field:

... and paste it to the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL:

Next, click on the switch to change it to the Metadata:

Go back to GSuite and in the Option 2 menu, hit Download and then copy contents of that file.

Paste the content to Productive (again make sure that the field is named just Metadata instead of Metadata URL)

Next, it is time to copy the Single Sign-On URL:

Now go back to Google and give your integration a name (we recommend Productive SSO so you can find it easily) and upload a logo:

... and then paste the link to the ACS URL field:

Go back to Productive and copy the Audience URI link:

And paste it to the field Entity ID:

Select the box Signed Response:

Hit next and select Add New Mapping on the next step:

Define the attribute using the following rules:

Type in first_name and select Basic Information from the first dropdown and the First name option in the second dropdown.

Type in last_name and select Basic Information from the first dropdown and the Last name option in the second dropdown.

Hit finish, go back to Productive and select Enable SSO:

Now, go back to GSuite and find Productive SSO in the menu next to your name. There you'll have to select the option ON for everyone:

Now, when you add a new person to your organization via GSuite, they will be able do access Productive directly from the Google Apps menu, as long with the rest of the team.

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