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Navigating the Productive Notification Inbox
Navigating the Productive Notification Inbox

Find relevant mentions and notifications easier using filters.

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Improve your Productive inbox experience by using filters to manage notifications. Customize your notification preferences in the settings to receive only the updates that matter to you.

Notification Filters

To activate filters, click on the Filter icon in the Inbox.
You can filter notifications based on:

  • Date range

  • Project

  • Type (Budget, Deal, Invoice, Payment, Person, Task where you are a subscriber)

Notification Types

Jump through your notifications and choose between viewing:

  • Your direct mentions (e.g. when someone tags you in a comment on a project @YourName)

  • All inbox notifications you set up and have not reviewed yet

  • All your archived notifications

Pro Tip

Review Notifications Daily

Stay informed and respond promptly to important updates, mentions, or changes in your projects and tasks.

Declutter Your Inbox as You Go

Archive the notifications as you review them to foster focus and productivity.

Additional options

Archive all your notifications at once, access the notification settings, toggle the compact notification view for improved legibility, or switch on the do-not-disturb option to pause notifications until you're ready to dive back in.

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